Screen Print services Screen Print services


Screen printing is the process of using mesh screens to print individual colors onto a garment.

We use a direct to screen machine to bypass the need for transparency film, which allows for higher quality and more accurate prints. 

We can print up to 12 colors with our setup. With simulated process, we can use halftones to achieve an appearance of a much higher range. We use a Pantone color match system for print accuracy to ensure prints reflect your artwork as close as possible. 

Our jumbo screen setups can print up to 16” wide by 20” tall, for all your larger print needs. 

Money Merch is not your average print shop. We use top of the line equipment and materials, and put in the extra work to get our clients the best possible prints. When you work with us, you are getting quality products that we are proud of.




Plastisol Ink
Plastisol Ink

The most widely used ink in the apparel printing industry. Plastisol ink is highly verstaile, and it can be mixed to create almost any color.

UV ink
UV Ink

UV Ink is transparent, but when activated in the sunlight, it turns a vibrant cyan, magenta, or yellow.

Puff Print
Puff Print

When puff additive is mixed with plastisol ink, during the curing process, the ink rises. This effect gives off eye catching look and feel to your print.

Simulate Process Printing
Simulated Process

This technique is used to recreate highly detailed or photorealistic artwork for screen printing. Colors are separated into channels, and any blends, transparency, fades, are converted into halftone dots.

Glow in the Dark Ink
Glow In The Dark

Glow in the dark ink is transparent, but when in the dark, it glows a vibrant neon green. We also have a red glow option.

Metallic screen print ink
Metallic Ink

We offer metallic gold and silver inks to add a shimmer effect to your prints.

Screen Print Transfer
Screen Print Transfer

This process allows us to print single color artwork onto transfer paper, which then can be heat pressed on to garments. Most commonly used for foam trucker hats.

Screen printing
Special Location Printing

We can print over pockets, zippers, seams, and other non-trandtional placements.


T-Shirts, Long Sleeves, Crewneck Sweaters, Hoodies
Front and Back - 16x20"
T-Shirt Sleeve - 3.5x3.5"
T-Shirt Side - 14x10"
Long Sleeves - 3.5x16"
Larger Long sleeves - 5x16"

Left and Right Leg - 9x10"

Left and Right Thigh - 9x10"
Left and Right Leg - 5.5x16"

Screen printing placements
  • Screen print reclaiming
  • Screens for screen printing
  • Emulsion Coating
  • Screen print flash
  • Automatic Screen printing
  • Spot Color printing
  • Los Angeles apparel heavy weight
  • Automatic screen print