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Direct To Garment Printing

Direct to garment (DTG) printing uses water based CMYK ink to print your digital artwork directly onto a garment. DTG is the perfect print method for designs with high color, transparency, gradients, and photorealistic images. 

The main difference between DTG and screen print is that DTG prints any transparency, or color blends smoothly. Screen print would replicate the effects with halftone dots.

We use one of the highest quality DTG print machines available in the market today. Our machine allows us to print jumbo sized graphics up to 16x20” with pinpoint accuracy. We recommend 100% cotton garments for the best print results.

We use a special ink curing method which allows our prints to last just as long as screen print with proper care. We do not heat press the ink to cure after it's printed, so no glossy and slick to the touch prints. Results are highly comparable to screen print in quality and feel.

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These dimensions apply to front and back torso area of tees, longsleeves, crewneck sweaters, and hoodies.

Front/back - up to 16x20"

To keep graphics above a hoodie pocket, max height is approx. 10.5"

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