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We provide flat stitch embroidery, 3D Puff embroidery, and appliqué twill application on most garment types.

It all starts with the digitizing, where your artwork gets converted to stitching instructions for our embroidery machines to process. This step is essential for high quality and clean embroidery results. With our specialists, we ensure that designs translate properly with thorough testing before running a full production order. 

We operate with three multi-head Barudan machines to allow for high efficiency output. Barudan is recognized as one of the most reliable, and stable machines in the industry which produce superior embroidery results. We can run designs up to 15 colors with our setup, and have over 500 different color threads you can choose from. 

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Embroidery Styles

Flat stitch embroidery
Flat Stitch Embroidery

The most popular embroidery option we provide. Using polyester thread, this technique can be applied for most design types. If your design is big or small, simple or detailed, flat stitch embroidery is usually the way to go.

3D Puff embroidery
3D Puff Embroidery

We place foam underneath the stitching to create a 3D look. Most commonly used for sports logos on caps. This technique helps the graphic stand out on garments, and looks best with a solid color design.

3D puff embroidery
Flat Stitch + 3D Puff

We can combine these two techniques to add depth to your designs.

Twill applique embroidery
Appliqué Twill

Also known as tackle twill - This process uses cut out shapes of twill material and we embroider stitch around the edges. If your graphic has large areas of a single solid color, we can use the twill material for this clean look.

Embroidery Max Sizes

All graphics must fit within the dimensions shown on each type of garment

  • Embroidery Cones of thread
  • Snapbacks
  • Flat stitch embroidery
  • Trucker hat embroidery