What is embroidery digitizing?

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Embroidery digitization is an essential step in the process of creating embroidered designs for apparel. Digitization requires specialized software for the user to basically recreate your design, but in a format that translates accurately from its original form into one that an embroidery machine interpret. To digitize an image, you start with a graphic file in psd, ai, png, or jpg format. The better the image quality, the easier it is to translate properly. 

The digitizer then uses the software to determine the type of stitch technique would work best, how dense to make the stitching, and overall direction of stitch placement. The end result is something called a .DST file which is then loaded up onto an embroidery machine.

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Embroidery results are a direct reflection of the quality of the digitizing. Every design is different and requires it own specific sequence. It's up to the digitizer to determine what works best for the specific garment its being applied to, and to make adjustments accordingly.

Theres many types of stitching that can be applied onto a garment such as running stitch, straight stitch, or chain stitch. Embroidery machines can also be used for stitching on appliqué twill, or using 3D foam underneath to create a puffed look. 

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Here at Money Merch, we always test out the .DST by running a sew out sample first to ensure that it matches the original artwork as close as possible. We take great care in quality control to ensure our clients bulk production orders run as smoothly as possible at the highest quality. 

We pride ourselves in the quality of our services and we offer single sample orders for you to see for yourself. To get a quote on a sample or a bulk order, feel free to submit an order request here.