Screen Printing In Orange County

What is screen printing?
Screen printing is a printing technique were you pass ink through a mesh screen to transfer your design onto a garment.
At Money Merch, we use a variety of different sized mesh screens for different areas of garments, such as arm sleeves, shorts legs, and of course front/back torso area. We can even print jumbo sized graphics up to 16” wide, 20” tall. 
For the traditional screen making process, images would be printed onto transparency film. From there, the film is placed on a mesh screen covered in emulsion. Emulsion is a gel like substance, and when cured with powerful UV light, it hardens. 
Because the image on the transparency film blocks the UV from passing through, it leaves the emulsion underneath in a soft liquid-like state, allowing it to get washed out with water. You are then left with a negative imprint of your artwork on the screen. This negative imprint is where the ink will pass through to transfer your design onto a garment during the print process. 
Here at Money Merch, we use the latest technologies such as a direct to screen printer. Which allows us to bypass the need for transparency film, and your design is printed directly to a mesh screen using wax. This allows for superior quality results and higher consistency. 
Each color in your artwork would be on its own separate screen.  And once all the screens are ready, they are loaded up onto to a screen printing press. They are then registered to align perfectly over each other.
We use the solid coated Pantone formula guide to then mix plastisol inks to match your artwork. If there is no exact pantone match, sometimes we can even custom mix a color to try and get as accurate as possible. 
One by one, each color is then printed on our automatic screen print press. 
Between certain steps, we use a flash dyer to cure the ink. But we finish off the print by passing the garment though a conveyor oven to make sure the entire print is cured properly. This allows for the print to last for many years, as long as the garment is treated with care.
Here at Money Merch, we can print up to 12 color designs. From simple spot color artwork, to full color designs using simulated process printing, we can handle all different types of artwork. We even have speciality inks available such as puff ink, UV activated ink, glow in the dark, metallic that you can use in combination with our regular plastisol inks.
If you are interested in our services, feel free to reach out. A sales rep will gladly assist with any general questions or can help set you up with a quote once you have your designs ready.
Sales team is available Monday-Friday 9am-430pm PST and you can reach them via office line 714-900-7290 or through our order form here.