Life of a Product Episode 1 - Rolling Loud Edition

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Money Merch presents a new segment called "Life of a Product", where we show the behind the scenes of a product getting made, but also where it ends up.

Episode one is centered around Rolling Loud Music Festival, which is one of the largest hip hop and rap festivals globally, with locations in the Los Angeles, Miami and Thailand. Rolling Loud also created Loudpunx, which is their own NFT PFP project that offers lifetime VIP access to all Rolling Loud events.

Ben who's part of the sales team here at Money Merch, created his own custom merchandise utilizing the IP he owns through his Loudpunx NFT. He then took his custom merch to Rolling Loud Music Festival in Los Angeles with the goal of reaching the CEO and founder of the event, Tariq Cherif.  

Ben's initiative in forging connections within the hip hop community and capitalizing on emerging trends such as NFTs, kickstarted the development of a lucrative merchandise line. Ben spearheaded the successful launch of the "Life of a Product" segment on the company's Instagram, with plans for new episodes in the pipeline, further enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

Check out the video here to see where Ben's merch ends up and if successfully links with the Rolling Loud CEO: