Embroidery services based in Orange County, California

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is an embellishing sewing technique in which thread is fastened or attached to garments using stitches with a sewing needle. Here at Money Merch we offer the latest and greatest technology with our Barudan embroidery machines.  If you are looking for custom embroidery in Orange County or the greater Los Angeles area, we got you covered. We can also ship orders to you, as we service brands from all over the United States.

Los Angeles embroidery


We begin the embroidery process by first reviewing the art submitted by our clients. When we confirm that the client’s art is good to go, the art then gets digitized for embroidery. Digitizing is the process of converting digital artwork to a .DST file, which instructs the embroidery machines which thread colors, stitch counts, direction, sequence, and stitch style are applied to the garment. Our in-house embroidery specialists then review the digitized files and ensure the design will translate properly with meticulous examination.

Then our embroidery technicians will then load the precise color threads necessary to the machine. Our machines can hold up to 15 different thread colors. The machine will be instructed as to where each color and type of thread will be applied to the garment. 

3D puff embroidery for hats

Our embroiderers then use a two piece embroidery framing hoop to secure the garment. The embroidery hoop is necessary to keep the garment secure during the sewing process. Also, the hoops assist our embroiderers and machines triangulate where the design is placed. Different hoops will be used depending on the type of design or fabric. We have in our inventory, a variety of hoops to accomplish an array of embroidery designs that will fit different types of garments on various locations.

wholesale embroidery

Once the hoops are in place and the digitized files are thoroughly processed, our embroidery machines get to work. We typically run a sample sew out to test out that it matches our clients mockups. We can also provide single physical sample orders for our clients, so they can see the work in person before running a bulk order. 

Irvine embroidery service

Once a proof is approved by our team, we go straight into the full production. We load up the garments, and carefully monitor the production and make sure that each embroidery piece runs smooth.

As pieces of the production are completed, our team begins the quality control process. Loose threads in the back and front of each embroidery are then trimmed and the garments are cleanly folded and placed into their respective packaging.


At Money Merch, we provide flat stitch embroidery, 3D Puff embroidery, and applique twill application on most garment types.

Flat stitch embroidery is our most popular embroidery option. We use polyester thread to stitch most design types and garments. It’s the most flexible embroidery style and can accommodate nearly any design. For big, small, simple or detailed, flat stitch embroidery is usually the way to go.

Fullerton embroidery

3d puff embroidery is the style in which we cut foam to place underneath stitching to create a 3d look. This is commonly seen on sports logos on caps. This is a special embroidery style that can provide depth and dimension to any design. This design looks best in solid colors, simpler shapes. 

Costa Mesa embroidery

Applique twill is also known as tackle twill. This style cuts out shapes of twill material that we embroider stitch around the edges. If your art has large areas of a single solid color, we can use the twill material to create this clean look. 

Anaheim embroidery


If you are looking for local embroidery, custom embroidery in Orange county, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Fullerton or Santa Ana, We got you! We here at Money Merch are the finest embroiderers in Orange County. Our Barudan embroidery machines are at the top of the line in the industry. Our high-caliber machines are recognized as one of the most reliable, efficient and stable machines that produce the absolute best results. With 21 heads of embroidering precision, the Barudan is second to none. You cannot find a better alternative.

If you are interested in trying out the embroidery process, come check us out at Money Merch. Our sales team is ready to get you started on fulfilling your design vision. Contact us at cs@moneymerch.com or contact us via phone at (714) 900-7290 during our regular business office hours. Give us a call and we can schedule an appointment for you to check out our showroom, where you can examine finished embroidery samples and more.

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