DTG Printing In Orange County


DTG or Direct to Garment printing is an efficient, sustainable, and quick approach to get your printing productions made. Similar to a laser or inkjet printer, the DTG printer will print directly onto your preferred garment like sheets of paper. The process is fast and efficient, allowing for our clients to receive their finished products swiftly

DTG printing is excellent because of the wide spectrum of color it uses. Unlike an office printer, DTG can print white ink and can lay a white base layer on darker garments, which allows for brilliant and vibrant results. When printing DTG, it is recommended that the client selects a 100% cotton type garment. This will help retain the ink and will yield the best results in the final product. 


DTG is excellent at printing finer details in intricate designs. Designers who want every bit of their art to be displayed, DTG is a great route for you to shine your skills on your garment. DTG uses CMYK color, which covers a wide spectrum of range, but will not be able to exhibit certain RGB colors. It is crucial that any designer that wants to try DTG, should design in CYMK mode or convert their digital art file from RGB to CMYK. The colors on a computer screen (RGB) vs real life (CMYK) can vary, so be sure that you make that conversion to get an idea of how your digital design will look printed. Single sample orders are always recommended if you are particular about the print color results.  


Before submitting your design, we recommend that you size your artwork to the dimensions that you’d like on your final product at 300 dpi (Digital pixels per inch). Oftentimes, the art submitted by clients can be a little small for print, so when we enlarge your design to the desired print size, the results can end up a bit pixelated and blurry. Depending on your artwork, we may be able to vectorize the files for you to yield the best possible DTG print results if needed.

We recommend using our .PSD/photoshop template that we have available for free download here


DTG is perfect for designers trying to make their break in the fashion game. For those who want to test the waters with a smaller quantity run, DTG is the way to go. Printing DTG at Money Merch is easy, with low minimums starting at a single sample piece or 24 units for bulk pricing. It’s quick and can be cheaper compared to screen printing a small batch of shirts, especially for high color graphics.

If you are unsure about colors, print size, or placement, single sample DTG orders are a cost effective, and quick way to see your design in person. The sampling process helps dial in the details to help you get the best possible product for your bulk production order.

DTG virtually has no color limit, so it's great if your artwork is high in color and you want to retain as much of it as possible. DTG allows for highly detailed prints, so graphics with lots of photorealism, and special effects, are perfect for DTG. Does your artwork have 3d elements, flames with slight transparency, chrome, glowing lightning bolts, diamond bling, etc.? DTG is able to print these elements with ease. These types of graphics can also be screen printed, but any time there is color blending or transparency in the artwork, it gets converted to halftone dots with simulated process screen printing.

Screen printing can alter the look from the original digital file with halftone conversions and may not be able to capture smaller details as easily. DTG can print these details with pinpoint accuracy with no compromise in quality. We cure our DTG the same way we do with screen prints, so you get long lasting high quality prints.

DTG is also a great way to get a hold of a tee for a photoshoot or social media content, before receiving a bulk production order. The swift process of the DTG printer is often the saving grace that bails out a lot of clients in a hold. 


DTG printed garments stay intact and vibrant if you follow these care instructions. It highly recommended that you machine wash the garments inside out, on the most delicate setting, and with cold or warm water. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners and don’t iron the prints. Avoid machine drying, and hang dry after washing if possible. We cure the DTG ink at a very specific temperature to allow the print to bind to the surface of the garment.

If you expose the print to higher levels of heat, you’re slowly bringing it back to a state that makes it less durable. When you mix that factor in with the agitation of the washer or dryer, the prints are going to wear out much faster than it should. Here at Money Merch, we pretreat your garments before DTG printing, so that the ink binds strongly to the fabric so you have a clean and lasting product.


We are the premier providers of DTG printing in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. We also can ship orders anywhere within the USA if needed. Here at Money Merch we pride ourselves in quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us at cs@moneymerch.com or fill out the order form on our website to get your DTG order started today!