Custom skate deck for Bam Margera!

Sticker Mob is a custom sticker and skateboard deck company owned and operated by Money Merch. Sticker Mob recently had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with legendary Jackass star Bam Margera! 

Teaming up with the Madhouse Boys on Youtube, we helped create a custom skate deck for Bam. To view a behind the scenes video of the process, check out the link below:

Sticker Mob brings affordability and accessibility to the world of customized skate decks. This process not only aligns with the ethos of Money Merch as a true one-stop shop, but also caters to brand owners seeking signature pieces for their collections without the constraints of high quantity demands. 

With Sticker Mob, you can run single sample orders or low quantity orders with ease at an affordable price. 

The collaboration with Bam Margera and the Madhouse Boys not only highlights the dynamic capabilities of Money Merch and Sticker Mob, but also positions them at the intersection of fashion, extreme sports, and entertainment, showcasing their commitment to pushing boundaries and offering unique, customizable products to a diverse clientele. Short of anything bought from Shein, Sticker Mob will continue to push the envelope of the sticker and custom skate deck world.

For more information on Sticker Mob, check out our website here