Custom Neck Tag Prints

 Are you looking to elevate your branding?

Custom neck tag printing with your logo or brand name is a great addition to your apparel at a low cost.

When you add our custom neck tag service, we remove the original manufacturer tag on the garments, and print your own custom design for private labeling.

This option is a great touch for extra personalization. You can include information about your brand or product, QR codes, website URL, care instructions, just about anything you want. You can keep it super simple as well. A lot of the brands we work with like to just add their brand logo and garment size. 

We allow for a 3x3” space where you can customize what you would like printed at the neck area. We keep things clean and simple by printing all designs in one solid color. This allows for fast and efficient production speed, and to keep costs low for our clients. 

If you need assistance with putting together a design, our design staff has a standard template for neck labels we can use to apply your logo or brand name. Just give us a general idea of what you need and we can see what we can do for you. 

 Here at Money Merch, the service to add printed neck labels starts at 50 units. We can apply the custom printed tags onto t-shirts, hoodies, crewneck sweaters, etc. If you are running multiple designs, you can order them all together to meet the MOQ of 50 pcs to add the neck tags.

If you have any questions about our neck tag print service or any other service we provide, feel free to reach out to our sales team at

If you’re ready to place an order with us, you can start by filling out the order form on our website here, and a sales rep will be in touch via email in 1-2 business days.