Brand Spotlight: Shivani’s Working Girl Collective is a HIT!

Money Merch is back at it with another Money Talks episode on youtube!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Shivani of Working Girl Collective. As owner of the brand she dove into how a woman in today’s climate is able to run a fully functional brand while empowering other women as well. She prides herself on catering to all working women, whether it’s a 9-5 corporate girl, a girl who’s working as a server at a restaurant, or the hard working mother.

Being from from Los Angeles, she's been heavily influenced by the melting pot of cultures around her. She praises that her team is vital to the brand's success, and preaches teamwork to make the dreamwork. This interview was extremely special due to the important message behind this brand and the closeness with the brand at Money Merch.

Throughout the interview we asked various questions about fashion and other brands. We asked what her favorite pieces of clothing were and she replied that Stussy is her favorite brand. Stussy is a brand that grew out of our very backyard Orange County which became a designer brand that is highly sought after. Shawn Stussy crafted the swimwear style and crafted it into a streetwear brand that resembles a mix of high fashion and streetwear, and it has provided influence on Shivani and her creative work.

 You can check out the exclusive interview on our youtube!